Services offered by Dream Gardens include: full garden design or landscape design, project monitoring and management, and all aspects of garden and landscape construction. Our services are available in Berkshire and the surrounding counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex as well as London.


Terms and Conditions

With regards to the payments, our clients will pay directly for the materials to the suppliers as the project proceed.  The cost of materials which are listed in the quotation is an estimated price guide and might change.  The cost of materials also will be variable according to the clients' preference for its type or the quality.  We do not accept the responsibility for changes in the cost of materials.  The number of skips will be an estimate and it might vary.  As a goodwill gesture and total transparency, however, Dream Gardens do not make any profit on materials and our clients are welcome to use our trade price facilities for all hires and purchasing all materials and plants.  We advice to the best of our knowledge for the suitable materials; however, we will not be responsible for any unlikely future changes or deterioration of the materials.   

The provided quotations are fully itemised and is estimated based on the plan and the design which is provided.  The cost of labour is fixed price and it will not change.  The cost of any variation/s to the original plan must be revised and any extra work/s will be charged separately.  Labour will be paid as stage payment during the project of which clients will pay up to 80% of the labour and remaining balance is payable after completing the job.  We normally use LED lights for lighting works in the garden, but if you need the electrical certificate, please consult your local electrician.  It is required from our clients to show the exact location of main utilities (i.e. gas, electricity, water and internet) prior to start of the project. The company will not accept responsibility to any accidental damage to these utilities otherwise.  

The garden design, provided, remains our intellectual property and any further use of the design outside the Dream Gardens needs to be authorised and agreed.  The team who deliver the job will be dedicated to your job until the end of the project.   The time to finish, given at the beginning of the project, will be an estimate and it might differ depending on weather conditions or unpredictable issues. 

The job will be guaranteed for the whole period of six months after completion. This period can be extended on agreement.  Dream gardens cover the labour only for any fault on constructional work and clients must pay for the materials. Any repair jobs after this period will be separately quoted and agreed.  If you need any advice with regards to the plants and lawn care, we will be happy to help, but the maintenance of them will remain the client's responsibility.